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Of Here is a studio focused on the research and design of architecture through the rearrangement of materials found on site. Founded by Laura Stargala, artist and licensed architect, the studio studies space making by combining existing building methodologies and intuitive on-site construction. The experimental yet archaic methods are grounded in the universal desire to be in direct relationship to the land. 

The work is about viewing architecture from a material perspective. The practice perceives architecture not only in its present condition, but also its potential past and future states of existence. Architecture is defined as a composition of matter, moving in and out of states of human intention. Although its immediate condition presents itself as a space to house human life, its trajectory exists within a larger temporal context, which is grounded in its composition and specific context.

Through this lens, the architectural conditions speak of the interconnectedness of land and life. Through a minimal rearrangement of materials found on site, Of Here envisions an architecture that keeps the calibrated balance of an
existing terrain.

Laura Stargala holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University. Prior to forming Of Here, Laura worked for Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Junya Ishigami and Associates, Herzog and DeMeuron, and Davies Toews. She has won several awards including the Women’s Auxiliary Eleanor Allwork Scholarship, Eschweiler Prize for Merit and Distinction, AIA Yann Weymouth Graduate Scholarship, Lyceum Travel Fellowship, Jerry A. Tishman Scholarship, and the Helen Fagan Tyler Graduate Fellowship. Laura has taught as a teaching assistant at Cornell University in the Architecture, Art and Planning department. She is a Registered Architect in the State of Maine. Currently, Laura is investigating stone construction as she learns from master stone wallers in the Cumbria, UK, practices on a rural site with granite in Brittany, France, and envisions conceptual and built projects on specific sites with distinct available resources. 
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